Why women like rich men

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Why women like rich men

Why women like rich men

The answer to why women like rich men is very simple. Women want to have interesting life. Life with a rich man sounds more interesting than life with an average man or a broke guy. Women don't want to get bored.

Life with a poor man is a lot more boring than it would be with a rich man. So, most women would choose a rich man over a poor man because why not? Some women say they don't care about money, they just want a man who is Ambitious. Women want ambitious men because ambitious men can offer an interesting life in the future.

Women like rich men

Women like rich men, because it means to have more fun, more pleasure in life, better social status. Yes, women do care about men's social status and money. They want a man who is respected by society, has power, money and influence on others. It doesn't mean a woman is a gold digger if she is attracted to rich men. She just does what feels right to her.

Women don't want just money from men. Most women want it all, money, social status, love, care, great personality, looks and etc.

Women aren't just after your money

It's really rare when a woman is just after money. Women who want just money from men usually gave up on looking for her Prince Chamring (which includes great personality, money, and everything she wants) this is why they settle just for money.

But if a woman has healthy self esteem, beautiful, knows what she wants, she will want much more than just money in her man.

Men who have a lot of money, can spark initial attraction, but they have to offer much more to a woman than just money. Women want respect, love, care, looks and more.

Younger women usually aren't as choosy or picky who they date, but most women are attracted easier to rich men or ambitious guys with interesting and exciting plans for the future.

For example, think about if you were a woman, wouldn't it be more interesting if your man had money to take you on expensive trips and interesting exotic places, meeting new interesting people, and also paid all the bills, clothes and everything else. Or would you want to be with a guy who can't afford a car, can't afford food or vocations?

What about security and necessity of lives? Most women would be glad if a guy could just provide all the necessities and she wouldn't worry about how to feed children where to live.

So, the reason why women actually choose a man with less money is because he can offer her more of emotional fulfillment, understanding, love, time, looks, whatever else she wants than a rich man. Many women have enough money already and they aren't looking for just some rich guy to get more money from. Women have a big list of qualities they want in her man.

Most women marry young, but the more women wait to get married, the more she knows what she wants from her partner.

Rich men actually have many women who compete for their attention, so they don't have to try too hard.

Remember, if you are rich, if you respect and love women, if you aren't too demanding, it would be really easy to find a partner. Beleive it or not, rich men can be very picky who they want to be with and not all women want to be ordered around just because he has money or social status.

Money isn't everything, but it's a good start. If a guy has money and prestige, then why not? Women will be excited to get to know him better. As far as long term relationships, it requires much more than just money.

Whether you are rich or poor, don't make a big deal out of it. Beleive that there are women who would love to be with you. Beleive that there are women who can appreciate what you can offer. Keep looking, meet as many women as possible and you could find someone to be in love with. If you can't find a woman of your dreams, look back at yourself and see maybe you are too picky, maybe you don't give chance to less attractive women or maybe you aren't trying too hard in your own search...

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