Why wishes don't come true

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Why wishes don't come true

Why wishes don't come true

I'm sure everyone was wondering sometimes why wishes don't come true. We all wish or want something. We all have different desires and know what can make us happy, but stop for a moment and think why don't wishes always come true. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything we wished for came true exactly like we want it?...

Some people we say, "My wishes come true" but what they mean is that some wishes do come true, but some wishes never come true. We don't even always know what is good for us, we just wish and want something we think can make us happier.

I was watching a good movie about a wishing well and anyone who drops a coin in wishing well, his wish would come true. At first I thought, what an awesome movie I'm going to watch, everyone then should be happy, right? No, wrong, a twist in movie was that when people got what they really wanted they weren't happy.

Man disparate for love

There was a man who wasn't a good looking guy, and he had trouble with meeting or having relationships with girls. He wished for a nice lady who would love him more than anything.

His wish came true, she loved him, was obsessed over him, kissed him over and over...and wouldn't leave him alone at all. He wasn't as happy as he thought he would be. When he asked her if she is happy, she just answered "I love you more than anything".

When the movie continued and people got what they wished for were happy at first but it turned out it wasn't always good for them in a long run.

Isn't your life similar in many ways? You are probably sure what you really want and what you wish for, but maybe your life has bigger surprises and better gifts for you then you can imagine? Maybe your life the way is right now leads you to something greater and opens you new opportunities?

Have you ever heard an expression "When God closes one door he opens a window..."

We all need to stop being angry if something didn't turned out like we wanted. Maybe it's good for us when some our wishes don't come true.

In a movie I watched most people got what they wanted but it wasn't the best for them. It was better for them if they never got what they wished for. So, next time when you are upset or angry at something you wanted and didn't get, remember that maybe it was much better for you anyway?

Life can be confusing and complicated sometimes.

What should you do with your life and which direction to go?

In my opinion people should do what makes them happy. Get your emotional compass ready and look for something that makes you happy, don't resist if something doesn't go your way.

If resistance is required, maybe it's sign that you are going wrong direction?

If something doesn't go your way or doesn't come true as you want it, don't resist and don't get angry, remember that maybe there are other better opportunities are waiting for you.

We all have a heart and we know we have our deep feelings and desires. Some people are trying to suppress what they really want with artificial things. No one really likes to drink, get high, have empty sex or other dangerous activities, but people engage in that behavior because they have some deeper unresolved issues. People get involved so much in all strange activities that they can't quit but still cant find what they are really looking for.

Listen to your inner voice and don't ignore it anymore. Our inner voice can guide us what is true for us and make your life better.

Being true to yourself involves courage and many people aren't ready for that yet.

If you beleive in God it will make it easier, believers always have faith and purpose. I want to encourage people to beleive in greater purpose and that anything that happens has a meaning and is for the better. Maybe if we didn't know bad we wouldn't appreciate the good? Maybe our life experience will help someone else and be a great lesson for many people?

So, it's o'kay if wishes don't always come true.

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