What do people want most in life

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What do people want most in life

What do people want most in life

Most people what in life is to be happy. People want to feel good all the time. Or at least they want to avoid pain in life. So many people are suffering, have unfulfilled dreams and desires that makes them want something different, something they think would make them happy.

What is happiness is different for each person. Someone thinks getting married would make them happy, others think money would bring more happiness, friends, health, God and etc.

Do we live in unhappy world? If so many people are looking for happiness doesn't it seem like we are living in a gloomy and depressing world?...The world is the same for most of us, but it's interpretation is very different for each individual person.

For example, someone would be very happy to get just a simple birthday card for a present but for the other person all gifts and assurance won't make him happy.

Most people don't really understand why they can't be happy, they blame it on others, they are looking for ways to improve life, find safety and feel good.

People want the most in life - appreciation

Most people want to feel appreciated and important. How you feel appreciated, only you can answer for yourself. If you know what would make you feel important, loved and appreciated, you will be looking for this in another person, events and situations.

For example, a lot of men are looking for sex and sexual attraction in women to feel important and valued, they cheat, divorce and etc. Some of them don't want to be just a good friend, they want to be irresistibly attractive, that's why so many men are looking for sexual fulfillment.

People want to feel they have control, they are powerful, they are important and valued.

Some women are looking for power in social status and social relationships. Some women use sex to feel powerful and wanted. Everyone wants to matter in life. People want to be noticed and respected.

Be careful with interpretation of respect though...people could treat you good but your interpretation of their actions could be wrong. Beleive in the best. Even if you feel like no one loves you, or no one appreciates you, beleive that people love you anyway. God loves you, you are important in this world.

Most people want the most in life is to escape boredom

Another most powerful desire that people have is to have fun, excitement, and escape boredom. Yes, people are always searching for best life and excitement in life.

If you don't have enough money, you are probably too concerned with survival and daily problems your poor life is so known and boring to you that you want to escape it.

If someone is rich, they are more likely to be bored too because of their rich life and they experienced in life almost everything possible.

Whether you are rich or poor, single or married, people want to try different things, they want to meet new exciting people, go to fun places and parties, and experience world in the best way possible.

Most people go to the same job everyday, meet the same people and go to the same places year after year. When you are very young, everything is exciting, but over the years people get bored and they are looking for exciting things to do in life.

To escape boredom people change jobs, people move to big cities, they date, they get married, they go on vocations...

Some people are searching for God and want Gos most of all in life.

What do I want most in life? Right now I'm searching for God. It's very unknown and very exciting to me right now. I love to meet people who are excited about God as much as I am. There is so much to learn about God...Life is very confusing to me sometimes that's why experiencing God is the only thing that makes sense to me in my life today.

Life is a wonderful journey and when you connect to God it makes it so much better.

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