Benefits of being thin - positive side of being skinny

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Benefits of being thin - positive side of being skinny

I met so many women who are trying to loose weight or stay thin. Being thin is very popular in our culture today. There were days when bigger women were considered more beautiful, but nowdays, most women ware trying to be thin and fit.

I have never met a woman who was trying to gain weight yet. I am very thin woman and even if I gain 10 or more pounds, I will still look thin and no one will even notice it. So, yes, being thin is a benefit. You don't have to worry about loosing weight, you can any food you like and don't have to be affraid.

Just because one woman is thin and the other woman is bigger it doesn't mean one eats more than other. Some people have very good genetics, so they can eat anything and don't gain weight.

More benefits of being skinny

Many fashion models look very skinny. I think it isn't right to set a beauty standard of fashion models for all women. Did you know that most models are teenagers? Most models are girls from 14-22 y.o. We need to be realistic of what being thin is. What is thin can be perceived by different person differently.

Many women wish to be thin only because it's a beauty standard and perceived as desirable.

Many men say they want a tall skinny woman, but in reality they are happy with the average woman as well. The average girl can look thin to a man and be attractive. Some women worry way too much about loosing weight, but being average is as good as being thin.

What is your opinion of what thin means to you can be completely different what men think. Bigger women shouldn't obsess too much over their weight.

Summary benefits of being thin:

  • you can eat any food you want and as much as you want;
  • you can have more choice of clothing;
  • anything you wear will look great on you;

  • men love thin women;
  • you can become a model;
  • you look like a model; people would tell you complements on your looks;
  • people will think you work out and live a healthy lifestyle if you look thin;
  • everyone wish they were thin as well;
  • people will ask you for advice how to loose weight;
  • you fit in any chair or car or airplane seat without problem;
  • you are more likely to be healthy;
  • many people think that thin is beautiful;
  • you can live longer;
  • you can move faster when you are thin

    Another benefit of being skinny is that you can wear small, medium and big size clothing it can all look good on you. You would have more choice in clothing. Most clothes will look good on you.

    If you are a thin or if you are a bigger woman, enjoy your weight, enjoy who you are. If you love yourself, someone will love you too. We need to appreciate the differences between people in this world whether it's being tall, skinny, short etc.

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