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How to look taller ?

How to look taller ?

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I'm tall and Awkward

Tall Woman Fantasy

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How Tall is Michelle Obama?

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amazon woman

Hey Everyone.


amazon woman

Welcome to the official Tall Corina - tall woman amazon model website!

Hello everyone, I'm Corina, I'm tall and this is my website about being tall. Here you will find my personal tall blog, my pictures but also, a private members gallery.

This website is also dedicated to help tall women feel beautiful and confident. If you are the tallest woman in the room, tallest in the class or even in the whole town, you are a rare and unique beautiful tall woman. Read articles where you can find a lot of interesting information about being tall.

Pictures, About me

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  • This website is about pictures and articles tall girls, women, amazons, tall women in sports and tall women clothing.

    Updates: new Articles!

    Is pregnancy different for tall women ? New!

    Is 5'9" tall for a woman ? New!

    How to kiss a tall girl New!

    Are short men unlucky in love ? New!

    Why do men like tall women

    Tall Woman Fantasy

    Do tall women have big feet ?

    Comments on my height

    Sexy Tall Women

    Tall women with Short Men

    Tall Women in Sports

    Dating as a Tall Girl

    Should tall women wear high heels?

    Are Tall Women More Dominant?

    How to Look taller ?

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    My current and future mission:

    This website was initially created just for people who want to look at my tall height and my pictures, but now I feel I need to expand it to the broader audience - Tall Women.

    I appreciate all men who are members of my site and visitors, who helped me feel good about being tall because of all your compliments and your appreciation. Thank you all.

    Also, I hope to influence tall women and short men to have a positive view on life and your looks.

    I hope to encourage tall women all over the world to feel good about themselves, feel good about your height and body shape.

    This website gets views from all over the world, different countries and different cities, that's why I have a chance to help many tall women and men, or short men and women to feel good about who they are and how they look.

    If you are a very tall woman or tall man, or if you are a very short man or woman, you will find many interesting articles about height here. Extremely tall people and extremely short people are actually more similar in many ways than they are different.

    Where to Start?

    If you are a tall woman, it doesn't matter if you are 6'5 or if you are 5'8" (in some countries 5'8" is considered very tall) you can read about my life experience in my article Life as a Tall Girl.

    If you are a very tall woman and you want to read my encouragement or advice, you can read How to be Confident as a Tall Girl, or Why it's good to be tall.

    For all men out there, I want to tell you again thank you for being very supportive in my early days of creating this website and now. I wrote many articles for you too. Check out some of these articles:

    Sexy Tall Women

    Are Tall Women More Dominant?

    Dating as a Tall Girl

    Sexy Tall Women

    Tall women with Short Men

    Why I like men so much

    Being tall







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